Android Mobile Recording

Android Mobile Recording

mobile call recording for android

About SmartVoice Android Mobile Recording

With SmartVoice Android Mobile Recording, you can record phone calls on your mobile(incoming/outgoing) with the ability to save voice data into your PC and our Voice Logger Server (Enterprise version). Our application builds on SmartVoice’s 20 years of experience within the telephone recording industry and combines all our knowledge to offer you the best mobile recording experience. Through our mobile recording software, working professionals such as agents and businessmen can record mobile call transactions for their own review and regulatory reasons.

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  • - Automatically record mobile calls on Android and backup for review
  • - Unlimited call recording storage
  • - Our mobile recording software includes flexible settings to suit different versions and brands of Android mobile  devices
  • - Quickly search and playback your recordings on your mobile
  • - Transfer and archive your files to PC for future reference and save device storage memory
  • - Runs in background mode without interfering with other mobile applications
  • - Intuitive user-friendly design and optimized search functionality
  • - Support white & black list, holiday & schedule recording, automatic voice files maintenance (enhanced version)
  • - Automatically upload recorded files to our SmartVoice server for future review and documentation (Enterprise version).